About Us

Luca and his family have been manufacturing fabrics and clothing in Italy for many years. Like most Italian families the business and skill sets are passed down from generation to generation. Several years ago whilst walking with his wife through Olive groves in the countryside just outside of Florence (where they always took their inspiration) the Luca Vanucci brand was born.

The mission was to create flattering shapes in pretty prints and colours with an emphasis on clothing that makes you look and feel good wearing it. Luca was passionate about creating a brand that exudes Italian passion where family, good food, drink and looking good are a way of life.  

Luca takes great pleasure from seeing his family, friends and customers appreciate and wear his clothing. Whether they wear them for travelling, working, going out for lunch or dinner in the evening.

Luca styles can be dressed up or down but the aim is to design clothing that will feel comfortable and give you a taste of the Italian lifestyle.

If you have been on holiday to Italy you will know it is a beautiful and very special place.

We are pleased to be able to offer you Luca styles in our exclusive web shop and we want you to enjoy the Italian passion which we hope comes through in our collection.


“Passione per Viviere”

Luca is sold in stores in Italy, the US and New Zealand and independent stores and department stores across the UK.

Contact Information

If you need any information or help with Luca products please feel free to contact a member of our team.