Why Linen? The perfect Spring/Summer staple clothing!
Why Linen? The perfect Spring/Summer staple clothing!

Linen has always been in fashion and always will be. The perfect Spring/Summer staple clothing. Investing in a great linen piece of clothing gives you a perfect cost-per-wear value as linen stays looking good and new for years to come. Opting for classic styles when it comes to linen, a timeless fabric, means you can future-proof your wardrobe, as well as keeping you prepared for the new season to come! 

Here are some benefits of pure linen clothes! 

Linen clothes are extremely comfortable. Especially during the warmer months, linen allows you to go about day without worrying about sweating or dampening your clothes. Both breathable and comfortable clothes are a must during the warmer months.  

Linen is a durable fabric so your linen clothes will last longer than poorer quality fabrics. They can go through many washes and still come out feeling soft and looking brand new. As well as being completely sustainable.  

They are completely practical when travelling and going on holiday. Linen takes up very little room in your luggage and is very lightweight to carry. If you have chosen a holiday destination where you are mostly on the move and have little time to do laundry; linen clothes can be washes very quickly by hand and dry even more quickly so you are left with fresh, clean clothes for your next adventure.  

It is no surprise that linen clothes are loved by both men and women. From shirts to dresses to trousers, there’s something for everyone. Perfect for lounging on a lazy weekend and lounging in the garden. If you are looking for the perfect linen clothes to add to your wardrobe, have a look at our favourite place for linen clothes- Luca Vanucci.  

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