Linen and the best women’s linen clothing brand
Linen and the best women’s linen clothing brand

The earliest evidence that humans used wild flax to make textiles comes from what is now Georgia, where spun, dyed and woven clothing dating back 30,000 years has been found. Fragments of linen fabrics have also been found in the lands of present-day Turkey with an age of 9,000 years. Gradually, the use of flax as a raw material for fabric production expanded and 5,000 years ago it reached present-day Switzerland and Germany. There is evidence that domesticated flax has also been cultivated in China and India for at least 5,000 years. Priests were also clothed in fine linen garments as early as 4,000 years ago.

Flax was also held in high esteem in ancient Egypt, and temple murals include flowering flax. So the famous Egyptian mummies are wrapped in linen fabrics as a symbol of light and purity and a display of wealth. Priests in ancient Egypt wore only linen clothing as a symbol of purity. Gradually, the inhabitants of Egypt also began to gravitate to linen for clothing and white bedding in the conditions of extremely high temperatures. An interesting fact is that when the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II was opened in 1881, the linen fabrics were perfectly preserved for more than 3000 years. The same goes for Tutankhamun's tomb.

 Today, a wide variety of objects can be made from linen, including the following items-

  • aprons
  • bags
  • towels (bathroom, beach, kitchen)
  • napkins
  • sheets and pillowcases
  • table and bed covers
  • upholstery
  • different clothes
  • hats, scarves and gloves
  • handmade moccasin shoes

Features of linen clothing and how to care for your linen clothes

100% linen fabrics feel cool to the touch. This indicates their higher conductivity (due to the same principle, metals feel cold). For this reason, linen clothes create a sense of airiness and wick moisture away from the body and are suitable for the summer months. On the other hand, clothes made of natural materials such as linen are worn year-round even in countries with a temperate climate.

The well-woven fabric is lint-free, pill-free and gets softer with each wash. It has a natural tendency to wrinkle and this can be seen both as a major drawback and as a certain charm that shows the use of natural fibers. However, constant creasing in the same areas such as collars, hems and folds can damage and tear linen threads.

Linen is a material of natural origin that contains plant fibers. Unlike other types of wool, it does not contain animal proteins such as keratin and therefore does not attract moths. Which is a great advantage, especially when travelling to hot countries and countries where there a lot of months this summer.

Although linen garments may appear delicate, they are surprisingly durable over time, a timeless fabric, as shown by the fabric preserved over millennia.

Linen clothes can be hand washed, machine washed and dry cleaned. If you are in doubt about the best care for this unique material in question, look for information on the label, because they may not be 100% linen, but may contain other natural or synthetic fibers. However, when investing in your own linen clothing, be sure that clothing made from 100% linen are a million times better when it comes to durability, breathability and even the way they look! Some of the garments may have linings which also have certain cleaning conditions. But still, if in doubt, you can choose the delicate washing program of the washing machine or shorter programs with a cold water rinse. Choose a milder detergent suitable for delicate fabrics. Don't forget to separate the clothes into light and dark to protect them from dyeing. Another option is to use several colour-capturing wipes.

When hand washing linen, it is best to use a lukewarm water temperature. Do not wring the clothes to wring out the water to avoid further creases.

Characteristic of linen clothes is that they have a moderate shrinkage during the first wash. Some clothing manufacturers pre-wash all fabrics so that the items produced are the correct size.

Caring for linen clothes can be just as easy as cotton clothes. The advantages are that they can be more durable and the rough texture softens with each wash, whereas cotton clothes can look worn. Flax requires fewer resources to produce and recycle and is therefore better from an environmental point of view.

Linen clothes from Luca Vanucci online store-

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Our EASY TO WEAR LINEN CROPS 1530 in a SKY color is perfect for any summer outing. Our Button crops are a very versatile style which are a staple throughout warmer temperatures. Mix and match them with lots of different styles including jackets and tops and wear them throughout the day or through the evening. Soft and 100% washable linen with an elasticated waist for extra comfort. 3 Button Oyster shell button detail down each side of the legs add some nice detail.


 And lastly from our favourite linen pieces by Luca Vanucci is our VENETIAN V NECK TOP 2055 in NAVY. Our Venetian soft Linen / Viscose top is a very adaptable and versatile style. Team with our crops, culottes or skirts for a stylish look. Perfect for any occasion whether day to evening. Top has a V neck with a soft front pleat for extra detail. Machine washable Linen 55%  / Viscose 45%.

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