Be Summer Ready
Be Summer Ready

Summer is officially just around the corner and the blue summer sky is your limit! There is so much to look forward to now that the weather is getting warmer and the day’s a little longer; relaxation time, summer blockbusters, long summer strolls, picnics, BBQ’s with family and friends… we can go on forever. After a long year of staying at home and working from home we all deserve a summer filled with love , laughter and happiness.  

However, as much as we love hot days and sunshine, lounging in the sun and getting a tan. It’s important to protect yourself and your skin. We have put together a few items to keep you looking stylish and still protect your skin from the strong sun 

A beautiful summer linen dress. A summer dress, again is perfect for any occasion and can be dressed up with a pair of heels and nice accessories. But can also be dressed down with a pair of sandals and a beach bag. A maxi dress, whatever style you personally choose, will protect your skin from the sun while still looking fabulous! We personally love Luca Vanucci’s linen dress with asymmetric hem line in a vibrant, electric blue. You can dress this up with Luca Vanucci’s waterfall jackets or kimonos for a nice evening out.  

Another gorgeous must –have item that is not only stylish, but will protect your shoulders and back on those really scorching days. We recommend a stylish linen kimono. Luca Vanucci, particularly offer a beautiful linen kimono in a striking tulip print which you can wear with many different colours underneath! A kimono is a very versatile style which can be worn casually throughout the day or dressed up for an evening out. This lovely wardrobe staple you can wear again and again. Particularly paired well with Luca Vanucci’s linen dress (view above) . 

Last, but of course not last, we recommend a lovely linen top for summer. Linen is top choice for a breathable fabric to wear in hot weather conditions. A very light and loosely woven fabric which allows heat to escape from the body. Absorbing moisture and keeping you nice and cool all summer long. This linen top is the best choice for you! Luca Vanucci’s leaves of Verona cap sleeve linen top.