Be Holiday Ready
Be Holiday Ready

Summer is a time for vacays and lounging around. Relaxation after the long cold months. What better way to relax than to spend the long hot days beaching around. We are all exciting for the summer holidays. As we are getting closer and closer the anticipation of holidays and travel is on our minds

We are all extremely excited for our holidays planned for this summer. Some of us are travelling abroad with friends and family and some of us are taking long weekends or time off somewhere in in the UK. Whether you have planned to go abroad and travel the world or go somewhere more local for your holiday, you still need to be prepared and pack everything you need for your time away. Regardless of the time; whether you are going for a week, two, a month or even just a few days. Make sure you have everything you need to make the most out of your holiday.

It’s time to also think about some new additions to your wardrobe; linen dresses, tunics for women, linen tops, summer tops, linen trousers and many more. And of course adding these new additions to your wardrobe to your suitcase that you have so carefully and happily packed for the summer holiday you have looked forward to all year.

Why not explore a new country, be spontaneous and adventurous in style! A stunning floral Italian dress is what you need to go into spring the right way! Luca Vanucci's stunning leaves of Verona linen dress is the perfect maxi dress in pretty soft floral leaf print. Cool and chic and perfect for wearing just about anywhere. We guarantee this will be your new favourite look this summer as you indulge yourself in comfort and beauty while feeling like a Greek goddess… maybe even on a Greek island!

The Tulips V neck linen dress 1348 in white is a gorgeous pinafore dress in a pretty tulip print. The influence behind this stylish dress is the beauty of Venice. This dress is the perfect everyday clothing add to your Italian linen clothing collection! A dress that you can always rely on for your holidays; perfect for strolling around town and relaxing or perfect for a nice evening out with a pair of heels and a stylish clutch. A maxi dress, whatever style you personally choose, will protect your skin from the sun while still looking fabulous!

Another iconic look for the coming months is the capri linen culottes in terracotta. Perfect for the season to come; a soft and flowing shape. They are stylish, lavish and will even protect your skin from the hot sunshine wherever you are travelling to. These are for any occasion! Whether you are at the beach or going to an occasion dressed up, it works! 

Moving on, a linen top is something everyone needs! This Verona V neck linen top in blue is both stylish and comfortable. It’s made from Italian linen and is a gorgeous design. Now more than ever comfort and luxury is key to living your best life in the warmth of your own home! What better way to spend your days at home than in a Luca Vanucci linen top, a relaxed fit that looks great with many of Luca Vanucci bottoms.

Another gorgeous must –have item that is not only stylish, but will protect your shoulders and back on those really scorching days. We recommend a stylish linen kimonoLuca Vanucci, particularly offer a beautiful linen kimono in a striking tulip print which you can wear with many different colours underneath! A kimono is a very versatile style which can be worn casually throughout the day or dressed up for an evening out. This lovely wardrobe staple you can wear again and again. Particularly paired well with Luca Vanucci’s linen dress.

Everything you need for this summer is at Luca Vanucci’s online store, with the best of the best when it comes to linen collections. Investing in a great linen piece of clothing for this summer and holidays to come gives you a perfect cost-per-wear value as linen stays looking good and new for years to come. Opting for classic styles when it comes to linen, a timeless fabric, means you can future-proof your wardrobe and your holiday looks and styles! 

Linen items are completely practical when travelling and going on holiday. Linen takes up very little room in your luggage and is very lightweight to carry. If you have chosen a holiday destination where you are mostly on the move and have little time to do laundry; linen clothes can be washes very quickly by hand and dry even more quickly so you are left with fresh, clean clothes for your next adventure.  

Do not miss out on investing on the best summer collection with what will soon become your staple outfits for every holiday and vacation you have planned for the future. Invest now, just in time for your holiday and make sure you are feeling your most confident and best self on your next adventure.