All you need to know about linen
All you need to know about linen

Linen clothes have been popular for years. This natural and breathable fabric is ideal for summer, especially on those hot days. There is only one problem - it is difficult to find fashion inspiration that will make it clear how to wear linen and to style it. However, this is what we are here for.

Linen clothes create a feeling of airiness and moisture removal away from the body and are suitable for the summer months. On the other hand, clothes made of natural materials such as linen are worn all year round in countries with temperate climates.

Linen is a material of natural origin that contains plant fibres. Unlike different types of wool, it does not contain animal proteins such as keratin and therefore does not attract moths. And although linen clothes may look delicate, they are surprisingly durable over time.

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Linen is a special material with truly unique properties. The list of its advantages is surprisingly long! Before I present you my styling suggestions, I will be happy to tell you why it is worth investing in linen clothing. Let's start with a brief overview of its main features.

Features and qualities of Linen

  • It is anti-allergenic
  • It’s resistant to abrasion and stretching.
  • It’s extremely ventilated and sweat-absorbing - no wet spots visible.
  • It does not transmit harmful UV radiation (due to the large amount of lignin absorbs UV rays).

How to wash and iron linen?

It is best to wash linen by hand with delicate detergents. When washing linen by hand, it is best to keep the water temperature lukewarm. Do not twist the clothes to drain the water so that creases do not form. Regarding drying your linen clothing, high spin speeds and the use of a dryer are not recommended, because ironing is much easier with slightly damp cloth. It is recommended that you simply hang your item of clothing on a hanger and let it dry naturally. Thus, by the force of gravity, some of the folds will be smoothed. Do not strain linen clothes by twisting them to remove excess water. You can soak them with a clean towel.

Ironing linen clothes is easiest when they are slightly damp, and if they are already dry you can use a steam iron. If you don’t have a steam iron, don’t panic; you can spray a bottle of water spray.